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PMN Tokelau

Up-to-date news, views and in-depth topical issues in the Tokelau language.

Talafou, manatu fakāli, talanoaga loloto o matakupu i te gagana Tokelau

Sun, 4pm-6pm
Hosted by
Fala Iosua, Tolise Liu and Luti Mekisa Fakaalofa
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    531 PI

    Island Time

    Tune in to Island Time with Tofiga & Inangaro Vakaafi 9 am to 12 pm Mon-Fri call the studio or email us islandtime@pmn.co.nz for all Requests, Birthday shoutouts or even to say hello.

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    Morning Soul

    Find inspiration in the gospel, explore the heart with Kalo’s “Marriage Works”, and feel re-energized while we play the best worship music from Aotearoa, the Pacific and abroad.

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    PMN Cook Islands

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    PMN Fiji

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    PMN Kiribati

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    PMN Niue

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    PMN Rotuma

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    PMN Samoa

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    PMN Solomons

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    PMN Tonga

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    PMN Tuvalu

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  • Pacific Days
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    Pacific Days

    A unique flavour to your afternoon! Brian and Nemai highlight the stories, news & topics important to our Pasifika community, mixed with the best in Pacific music, and a whole lot of laughs.

  • Pacific Sports
    531 PI

    Pacific Grandstand

    It’s no secret that Sport is in our blood. Join our Sports guru, Willie Poching, as he takes a deep dive into the great big pool of Sports.

  • Pacific Mornings
    531 PI

    Pacific Mornings

    From politics, to health, education, the arts & everything in between, we have you covered. Touching on topics and issues that are important & impact our Pacific community, every weekday mornings 6am-9am.

  • Niu Weekends
    Niu FM

    Saturday Sounds & Sunday Source

    Tune in on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-4pm with Tee for Island chats and the hottest Pacific music out!

  • Smooth Sailing
    531 PI

    Smooth Sailing

    End off the week with the cruisiest radio show on earth. It’s easy listening from here on out, and Latu is your captain.

  • Niu Weekends
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    Sunday Flex

    Start your Sunday mornings with Monica from 8am-12pm!

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    The Morning Shack

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    The Rush

    Join Sia & Henry on 'The Rush'. The best way to finish your day with laughs, entertainment and your good ol' poly playlist. Tune in from 2pm!