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Ernestina Bonsu-Maro with the three Māngere College hosts, from left; Kasey Wehi, Tulei Salu and Manuia Fox-Romia on their new podcast Teens of the 275.

Teens of the 275: Ep 2 w/ Ernestina Bonso-Maro

Teens of the 275: Ep 2 w/ Ernestina Bonso-Maro

This is a PMN podcast/vodcast, in partnership with 275 Times, where high school students from Māngere interview a range of inspiring Pacific personalities and leaders.

In the second episode, the students interviewed Ernestina Bonsu-Maro, who is a former Miss Cook Islands NZ, a media personality and PMN radio host.

Ernestina shares her journey from Māngere College into the world of media and modelling.

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Fri, 01 Dec

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