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Broadcasting our language, culture and heritage on-air and on-line. Keeping you up-to-date with the latest issues and current events affecting our communities in NZ and around the world.

Maf’ạkia ‘os fäega, ag fakhanua ma ‘os ‘inea ne sei ‘isa ‘e sal hoa’ rogrogo ‘e rētio ta ma ‘e sal fo’ou te’is online. A’hele’ua ma forås’ạkia rogrog ma nus fo’ou ne mou se ‘os pure’aga ‘e laloag ne Niu Sirạgi ma rån te’ ‘atakoa

Sat, 12am-2am
Hosted by
Jioji Vai & Alfie Prasad
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  • Island Time
    531 PI

    Island Time

    Tune in to Island Time with Tofiga & Inangaro Vakaafi 9 am to 12 pm Mon-Fri call the studio or email us islandtime@pmn.co.nz for all Requests, Birthday shoutouts or even to say hello.

  • 531 PI

    Morning Soul

    Find inspiration in the gospel, explore the heart with Kalo’s “Marriage Works”, and feel re-energized while we play the best worship music from Aotearoa, the Pacific and abroad.

  • Niu Days
    Niu FM

    Niu Days

    Listen in from 10am weekdays for your daily fix of inspiration quotes, poly gossip and your lunchtime mix to help you through your day!

  • Niu Nights The Afterhours
    Niu FM

    Niu Nights The Afterhours

    Tune in and unwind on your Niu Nights - every weekday 6pm through to 10pm!

  • Niu Weekends
    Niu FM

    Niu Start Up

    Kick off your weekend with Zee from 8am-12pm Saturdays!

  • PMN Cook Islands
    531 PI

    PMN Cook Islands

    Join us Mondays 3pm - 6pm (NZST) for our bilingual show then 6pm - 6am (NZST) for our full Cook Islands programme

  • PMN Fiji
    531 PI

    PMN Fiji

    Join us Fridays 3pm - 6pm (NZST) for our bilingual show then 6pm - 12am (NZST) for our full Fijian programme.

  • PMN Kiribati
    531 PI

    PMN Kiribati

    Join us Saturdays 10pm - 2am (NZST)

  • PMN Niue
    531 PI

    PMN Niue

    Join us Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm (NZST) for our bilingual show then 6pm - 6am (NZST) for our full Niuean programme

  • PMN Samoa
    531 PI

    PMN Samoa

    Join us Thursdays 3pm - 6pm (NZST) for our bilingual show and then from 6pm - 6am (NZST) & 8pm - 6am Sundays for our full Samoan programme on 531pi

  • PMN Solomons
    531 PI

    PMN Solomons

    Tune in Sundays from 2pm to 4pm " Tune in kam lo everi Sundays from 2 to 4pm"

  • PMN Tokelau
    531 PI

    PMN Tokelau

    Join us Sundays 4pm - 8pm (NZST)

  • PMN Tonga
    531 PI

    PMN Tonga

    Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm (NZST) for our bilingual show then 6pm - 6am (NZST) for our full Tongan programme, and Saturdays 12pm - 6pm (NZST)

  • PMN Tuvalu
    531 PI

    PMN Tuvalu

    Join us Saturdays 6pm - 10pm (NZST)

  • Pacific Days
    531 PI

    Pacific Days

    A unique flavour to your afternoon! Brian and Nemai highlight the stories, news & topics important to our Pasifika community, mixed with the best in Pacific music, and a whole lot of laughs.

  • Pacific Sports
    531 PI

    Pacific Grandstand

    It’s no secret that Sport is in our blood. Join our Sports guru, Willie Poching, as he takes a deep dive into the great big pool of Sports.

  • Pacific Mornings
    531 PI

    Pacific Mornings

    From politics, to health, education, the arts & everything in between, we have you covered. Touching on topics and issues that are important & impact our Pacific community, every weekday mornings 6am-9am.

  • Niu Weekends
    Niu FM

    Saturday Sounds & Sunday Source

    Tune in on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-4pm with Tee for Island chats and the hottest Pacific music out!

  • Smooth Sailing
    531 PI

    Smooth Sailing

    End off the week with the cruisiest radio show on earth. It’s easy listening from here on out, and Latu is your captain.

  • Niu Weekends
    Niu FM

    Sunday Flex

    Start your Sunday mornings with Monica from 8am-12pm!

  • The Morning Shack
    Niu FM

    The Morning Shack

    Start your day with the Morning Shack. The most HOTD radio show on the airwave. Tune in weekdays from 6am – 10am!

  • The Rush
    Niu FM

    The Rush

    Join Sia & Henry on 'The Rush'. The best way to finish your day with laughs, entertainment and your good ol' poly playlist. Tune in from 2pm!