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Archery was one of the main sports on the second day of competition.

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Pacific Games 2023: New Caledonia finishes day two on top of medal table

New Caledonia have kept up their strong start, while Samoa upsets the medal tally and jumps to third.

Vaimaila Leatinu'u
Aui'a Vaimaila Leatinu'u
22 November 2023, 6:00am
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New Caledonia has continued to lead the field at the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands, where they took four of the 12 medals available in archery, which began yesterday (NZT).

The South Pacific nation has an impressive total of 47 medals, having doubled their gold medals to 17 from their eight, with over half of their gold winnings coming in swimming events.

Day two saw the start of archery while basketball, judo and swimming continued on from day one.

Medal tally: dramatic shifts among nations

It is no surprise with 47 medals that New Caledonia would therefore dominate the medal tally charts, leading with the highest gold medals in the competition.

Australia who added five gold to their belt now totaling 11 gold which maintains their second position.


In third is Samoa after a dramatic upset who now hold eight gold, gaining seven gold on day two which moves them from ninth to third place.

Total medals earned: Australia climbs with host nation inches behind

With New Caledonia again dominating the top spot for most medals, Tahiti follows second with 32 medals made of five gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze.

Four of Tahiti's gold come from judo including just under half of their silver medals.

In third is Australia who overtakes the host nation's day one position for total medals.

Australia have 22 medals, 12 of which are gold, seven silver and three bronze.

Solomon Islands however is only behind by one medal, holding a total of 21 consisting of five gold, nine silver and seven bronze.

Over half of the host nation's gold medals are thanks to flag bearer and weightlifting legend Jenly Tegu Wini who also had the special privilege of claiming the first gold of this year's Games.

Wini won three gold in the women's 55 kilograms category on day one, lifting 82kgs in the snatch and 108kg in the clean and jerk. Her total winning lift was 190kg.

Other Pacific nations results

Samoa has a total of ten medals, followed by Fiji with five, Kiribati holds four while Tonga and the Cook Islands has three apiece.

New Zealand ended day two with a total of seven with one gold, two silver and four bronze.

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