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Glen Jackson is producing visual kids content in Vagahau Niue to roll out next year.

Glen Jackson is producing visual kids content in Vagahau Niue to roll out next year.



Vagahau Niue: Kids educational videos in production

Niue's superstar Glen Jackson has returned to the Rock with aims to boost the language.

Atutahi Potaka-Dewes
Atutahi Potaka-Dewes
20 October 2023, 3:24pm
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Vagahau Niue educational videos are on the way for fuata Niue (young Niueans) in the motherland, with a homegrown superstar at the helm.

Entertainer Glen Jackson has long advocated and promoted Vagahau Niue through his music and is the Manager and Producer of the Niumataola Project.

Over the next year, Jackson will produce educational videos for fuata Niue, teaching A-B-Cs, numbers, colours and more.

“Basically (using) Sesame Street and Playschool as video templates that I’ll use to build our own local content videos targeted to our kids.

“All in the language, even the text, colours, numbers, and themes from the Niue Primary School.”

For the last year, the Niumataola Project delivered 30-minute radio episodes in Vagahau Niue, modelled after the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) children’s show Playschool.

The aim was to create an archival home for traditional stories of Niue.

Funded through this country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Plan International Australia, the green light was given only a few weeks ago to begin production of the visual content. It's expected to be distributed to ECE and primary schools across Niue next year.

Jackson says in light of the theme for Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue - Niue Language Week, he’s most excited for these resources to cater towards sustaining the language and culture for future generations.

Watch the full interview on Facebook with Glen Jackson on the 531pi show Island Time.

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