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Fono's Clothing & Accessories

Samoan entrepreneur Fonofili Tauamiti Ili has set up Fono's Clothing & Accessories in Christchurch.

Photo/Facebook/Fonofili Tauamiti Ili


Samoan entrepreneur celebrates one year in business with 'Fono's' shop in Christchurch

Trailblazer behind Fono's Clothing & Accessories Ltd marks important milestone.

The Pacific community in Christchurch has a new favourite shop for a taste of home thanks to Samoan entrepreneur Fonofili Tauamiti Ili.

After encouraging her husband to open a barber shop, Ili noticed the spot next door was available which sparked an interest in starting her own business.

Speaking with host Ma'a Brian Sagala on 531pi's Pacific Days, she discussed supporting her family through lockdown, overcoming challenges and redundancy, and eventually opening Fono's Clothing & Accessories on Worcester Street in Christchurch.

"In my heart my passion has always been to have my own business, work on my own time, and be my own boss," says Ili.

"I connected with Pacific Business Trust and Pacific Hub, they're based in Auckland, it's hard for me because I'd love to go in the office and discuss face to face but I have the support and they are amazing people to connect to."

What sets her shop apart isn't just the beautiful traditional attire on offer and authenic koko Samoa, Ili is committed to working with Pacific suppliers directly in Samoa and Hawaii with ambitions to expand further.

Visit Fono's Clothing & Accessories Ltd at 409 Worcester Street, Linwood, Christchurch open Tuesday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:00pm and Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Watch the full interview with Fonofili Tauamiti Ili below.