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Hijab Fashion Show is at Alfriston College, Manukau on Saturday, November 4.

Hijab Fashion Show will be in Manukau on Saturday, November 4.



From Dubai to South Auckland: Elegance in modest fashion

New Zealand's first Hijab Fashion Show will showcase a range of modest multicultural designs.

A fashion show presenting the elegance of modest wear is being held in South Auckland this weekend.

Le Amana is the first Hijab Fashion Show to be held in Aotearoa and it aims to encourage people to embrace the multicultural head covering.

Co-Founder Feroza Rahman spoke with host Ma'a Brian Sagala on 531pi's Pacific Days and says their vision is to help hijab wearing women feel confident and comfortable.

"There's women out there that feel a bit insecure with their shape and we're trying to bring it out on a more women empowerment basis. We need to be beautiful in our own way, embrace that we're mothers, embrace that we're working people with teenagers (and) taking barriers away."

Founded in Dubai earlier this year, Le Amana serves all communities, religions and faiths that adorn the hijab head covering and at this weekend's event the cultural spectacle will feature designs from established NZ-based ethnic designers, Masafinya African Designs, Planet9, and Dorset suits.

Rahman says their show is a way for people to connect with different understandings, beliefs and backgrounds of beauty and clothing.

"(The hijab) is generally an Islamic dress code however the show is not based on any religion. It's based on modest wear. It's not about the slim elegant model, it's about any size.

"We're all women and we believe we're all beautiful in our own way. The hijab is just the head covering and it gives the woman the safety and elegant look as well."

Tickets are available here for the Le Amana Fashion Show held at Alfriston College, Manukau, 6.30pm this Saturday.

Watch the full interview about New Zealand's first Hijab Fashion Show below.

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