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Duken Holo Tutakitoa-Williams won Niue's first gold medal ever at the Pacific Games in

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‘We did it’: Gold medal winning boxer continues to make history for Niue

Duken Holo Tutakitoa-Williams won gold at the Pacific Games just over a year after winning Niue’s first ever Commonwealth Games medal.

Matt Manukuo
Matt Manukuo
04 December 2023, 9:57am
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Duken Holo Tutakitoa-Williams continues to etch his name in sporting history, becoming the first Niue fighter to win gold at the 2023 Pacific Games.

Nearly a year after becoming Niue’s first ever medalist at the Commonwealth Games, Tutakitoa-Williams beat Tahitian fighter Gabriel Dauphin to win the first ever gold medal for Niue at the games.

“All praise be to God. Thank you to everyone who’s ever helped me carry out this dream” said Tutakitoa-Williams in an Instagram post.

“We did it, this was for every single one of y’all.”

Tutakitoa-Williams went undefeated in the men’s 86 kg category at the games, and went into the final with a hoard of Niue supporters.


In the closing ceremony, the gold medalist proudly marched as Niue’s flag bearer, and only gold medalist for the 2023 games.