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Sidney Lui (left) and Tony Edwards (right) among their selected weightlifting and powerlifting athletes for the Pacific Games.

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Pacific Games 2023: Despite monetary setbacks derailing athletes Team Niue refuse to give in

Chef de Mission Sidney Lui says airfares alone for athletes is 4,000 NZD so teams have reached out to the community for help.

Affordability is a major obstacle for those aiming to represent Niue at the 17th Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

Despite the enthusiasm among Team Niue, Chef de Mission and Secretary General for the Niue Powerlifting Federation (NPF), Sidney Lui, says expenses have derailed some of their athletes.

"To send an athlete from Niue to Solomons and return; that is 4,000 New Zealand dollars of athletes alone," Lui says.

The Niue Powerlifting Federation was also chosen as technical officials for the Pacific Games powerlifting competition.

"We did have athletes who expressed interest in competing for Niue, however, they had to drop because they cannot afford to pay airfares," she says.

The Niue Island Sports and Commonwealth Games Association (NISCGA) announced their teams last month.

NPF President Tony Edwards says this year's Pacific Games is important as it can help proliferate athletes.

"Our hope is that we prepare them so they can go on to the Commonwealth Games," Edwards says.

"We like to think Pacific Games is that platform. it's almost like a platform for them to qualify," he says.

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Despite setbacks, Team Niue has not just fallen by the wayside, as Lui says teams have taken up fundraising efforts, including those in Brisbane which is set to finish next weekend.

The rugby touch team got amongst it, both having fundraised and taught their players more about Niue culture at training:

Heavyweight boxer Duken Tutakitoa-Williams who is one of three of Niue's boxers for the Pacific Games also chipped in for the team effort:

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