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The swimming events have been dominated by New Caledonia and Australia.

Photo/ Pacific Games News Service


Pacific Games 2023: Swimmer wins twice, securing Samoa’s first gold

Olivia Borg says she is "over the moon" with her performance.

Vaimaila Leatinu'u
Aui'a Vaimaila Leatinu'u
24 November 2023, 5:35pm
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A swimmer who's Pacific Games debut saw her win Samoa's first gold medal has won in two events on day four, quadrupling her gold total.

Olivia Borg won double gold last night, including in the women's 50m butterfly with a time of 27.83 seconds.

Speaking to Pacific Games News Service (PGNS), Borg says she is "over the moon."

"I'm lost for words. Coming here to represent my country, being here with all the other Samoan sports as well just means a lot," Borg says.

"Having the support by my family, and this is my first Pacific Games as well.

"I couldn't be any happier right now. I came into the Games just to have fun and so coming out with four golds is just amazing."


New Caledonia claimed the remaining two places, with Lillie Freulon collecting silver at 28.01s and Douillard with 28.30s for bronze.

Meanwhile Cook Islands’ athlete Wesley Roberts earned a new record in the Pacific Games, swimming a final time of 50.05s for gold in the 100m Freestyle mens.

Robert's record replaces Stephane Debaere's 2015 record of 50.44 seconds.

Speaking to PGNS, Roberts says that a bet was among the motivations that lead to his record breaking pay off.

"I saw the record and one of the guys said that I didn't own him $10 if I broke the record," Roberts says.

"But, again, everyone showed up tonight, which makes it more special and you want to get the job done. Me and my coach put a plan together and it paid off."

John William Dabin picked up silver at 50.62 with his teammate Ethan Dumensnil claiming bronze at 51.18.

Karate debut: Top of the table New Caledonia improves their position

Day four also saw karate kick off with New Caledonia striking again and claiming nine gold medals.

Head coach Gregory Panne told PGNS that their successful performance is due to their training.

"Winning nine gold medals is not enough, and we are hoping to win more in the next competition," Panne says.

Nancy Marle of Solomon Islands' took out the competition in the women's Kumite under-68kg event, winning gold against New Caledonia's Aurore Vaysset.

Speaking to PGNS, Marle says she feels winning a gold medal has made all her efforts feel worth it.

"This medal is dedicated to my family for their moral support, which keeps me going in my career."

Medal tally:

New Caledonia wrapped up day four once again at the top of the tally, with a total of 33 gold medals.

Australia follows behind with 23 gold garnering an impressive 11 gold medals yesterday, then Samoa at third adding eight gold for a total of 18.

Total medals earned:

New Caledonia reigns with a total of 82 medals, 33 gold, 24 silver and 25 bronze.

Diverging from the tally Tahiti are in second with 51 medals, six gold, 18 silver and 25 bronze.

Finally in third, Australia holds 36 medals, 23 gold, 13 silver and six bronze.

Other results:

Fiji have 24 medals total, Cook Islands has eight while Kiribati has seven followed by Tonga with five.

New Zealand ended day four with a total of 12 with four gold, four silver and four bronze.

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