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Events have been held the country to mark Tokelau Language Week.

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Tokelau community 'needs its own space to flourish'

Community leader Matt Ineleo says Tokelauans need to find a permanent place to meet.

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27 October 2023, 2:42pm
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As Tokelau Language Week draws to a close, a Tokelauan community leader says the main priority is to find a permanent place for the community to meet.

Matt Ineleo is the president of the Auckland Tokelau Society Inc.

He told Pacific Days that to have their own place is vital to the community.

"Tokelau Aukilani needs its own hall. We need that, we don't have that.

"That's the number one priority for our community here in Auckland.

"We believe having our own place, our own marae, our own whenua, a place where we can all come together, we believe that's going to be the key that's going to unlock a lot of the things we aspire to achieve."

Watch the full interview with Matt Ineleo on Pacific Days: