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Aotearoa R&B icon Vince Harder teamed up with Samoan rapper Kings in releasing latest song, 'Mamacita'.

Aotearoa R&B icon Vince Harder teamed up with Samoan rapper Kings in releasing latest song, 'Mamacita'.



'Fusion of ideas, genres, and loves': Samoan R&B icon mixes Latin flavour in newest track

Vince Harder drops his newest single called ‘Mamacitá’ featuring rapper Kings.

Atutahi Potaka-Dewes
Atutahi Potaka-Dewes
13 May 2024, 9:45am
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New Zealand Music month kicked off with Samoan artists Vince Harder and Kings collaborating on their latest release called, Mamacitá.

It’s a Latin-hip hop track written and recorded at both Parachute Studios and Harder’s home studio in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Award-winning artist and producer Vince Harder joined Pacific Days to talanoa how the newest track was born from sharing space with American Latina drumming legend, Sheila E.

“She saw a video of me online, singing, and contacted us. Next minute I’m on a plane, in the studio with her and working with her which was a really buzzy moment for me.

“To be able to feel comfortable working with someone of that calibre … we wrote a lot of songs and two of them landed on her album.

“This song, Mamacitá, was one of those ideas that was floating around during the time. I was kind of getting into her world, the whole salsa, Latina world.”

Upon returning from the US, Harder shared his Latin-flavoured idea with rap star Kings, and from there it took off.

Harder says their connection sparked after having similar experiences in the music industry like shooting to fame with a No.1 hit as Pacific boys from Auckland.

“We quickly realised from then on it was a hard yak trying to get into the creative side as well as the business side.”

Their song has a nostalgic feel to it that’s reminiscent of New Zealand Pop and R&B genres of the 90s/00s and Harder says it’s all about “fusion”.

“With Mamacitá, we just wanted to come up with something that was so fun, something that we could perform live and feel like everybody could get into. Like the beats are real 90s.

“It’s just like a fusion of our different ideas, genres and loves all in one thing.”

Made with the support of NZ On Air, Mamacitá has been released alongside a new music video, made with long-time collaborator Ethan Harris from Lucent Films.

Harder says he hopes the song brings excitement, energy, and good vibes to any space it’s played in and says there’s more to come.

“I just want people to have fun with it, DJs please play this song, radio stations, play this song. I know NiuFM is gonna be playing this.

“There’s new music coming in the next few months, so definitely look out for it.”

A bromance with showmance history

A New Zealand R&B icon, Harder has an array of gold and platinum certified songs for artists such as Stan Walker, Titanium and his own timeless house party anthem Everything with P Money.

He’s twice won Best Male Artist at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards, along with Best Urban Artist and Best Producer in 2016.

Kings has his fair share of recognition in New Zealand Music Awards with Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2016, then the following year won Highest-selling single and Radio Airplay Record of the Year for his double-platinum track Don’t Worry ‘Bout It.

This isn’t the first time the duo have joined forces, teaming up with comedic icon William Waiirua in releasing both English and te reo Māori versions of their hit Whatta Beauty/Ka wani kē in 2020.

And two years ago the pair collaborated with South Auckland R&B songstress, who’s another talented sibling from the Williams family empire, Razé (Ezra Williams), on the song Out of Control.

Mamacitá is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Watch the full interview with Vince Harder below.