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The Morning Shack is back by unanimous decision!

The Morning Shack is back by unanimous decision!

Niu Fm announces new shows

Niu FM is pleased to announce ‘The Morning Shack’ is back by unanimous decision!

23 March 2022, 5:26pm
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Niu FM is pleased to announce ‘The Morning Shack’ featuring Tim ‘Provise’ Dennis and Regan Foa’i will take on the task of the station’s new breakfast line-up.

The social media influencer duo will bring their belly laughs, witty interviews and south Auckland straight-talk to the airwaves from April 4.

“Tim and Regan have built their own networks off the back of their own creative genius, which we’ve tested on our platforms, and are excited for this next phase in the network’s journey,” says Pacific Media Network GM Content Susana Guttenbeil.

“It’s the first time in seven years since we’ve refreshed the morning slot. We’re very much looking forward to seeing their digital experience and creativity come alive on-air while creating the best content Aotearoa has to offer.”

Comic content creator Regan, Niuean/Tokelauan, teams up with long-time friend, podcaster and founder of the ‘Bakery Run’ Tim, Te Āti Awa, to give listeners an energy burst to their day.

Other changes include Henry Hohenberger who joins as co-host of the Niu Drive show to complement Sia Petelo in the afternoon slot.

“We are stoked to reimagine the radio space all the while providing an engaging show directed at a younger audience,” says Programme Director Lui Vilisoni-Oliver.

“We know we have talent amongst our own communities and to be able to create an opportunity for these two garage-grown creatives to step into this space and shake things up is a huge privilege for us.”

The Morning Shack officially debuts on Monday 4th April 2022.

Niu FM broadcasts on 103.8 (Auckland frequency), online at niufm.com and streamed through the iHeart Radio app.

Breakfast: The Morning Shack with Tim Dennis, Regan Foa’i and Gaby Solomona

Mid-morning: Niu Days with Chelsea Cuthers-Munro

Afternoon: Niu Fm The Rush with Sia Petelo and Henry Holenberger

Night: Niu Nights with Aaron Pulemagafa

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